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Welcome! Lunar Drift Apothecary is a crystal shop and small batch purveyor of intention infused products that help you fulfil what is meant for you. 

We are a small family business based in Ontario, Canada and believe there is energy in the natural world, and we carefully harness the power from the moon, within herbs and crystals to create magical curiosities for you and your rituals. 

Each product is carefully and ethically created, with natural ingredients chosen specifically for the purpose they are meant to drive. We create our products in accordance with the proper moon cycle to maximize energy and impact.

Every candle is hand poured, every bath concoction is hand mixed, using ethically sourced and organic ingredients where ever possible in our shop in Galt, Ontario.

Our crystals come from vetted suppliers and we only bring high quality, high energy products to our store. Once they arrive, crystals are cleansed, charged and placed on our shelves in wait of finding their forever homes. 

After all, we use the products in our own rituals, and would dare not offer you anything we wouldn't use ourselves.