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Frequently Asked Questions  

Are your crystals real?

Yes! We take special care to source and offer authentic, high quality crystals. If a crystal is treated or manmade in anyway, we do our best to disclose that upfront. 

 Where are your crystals sourced?

Great question! We source our crystals directly from miners and partners all over the world. We vet each partner carefully to evaluate their offerings, crystal quality and stock before we bring anything to you.

 How often do you restock?

We restock pretty frequently, but that doesn't mean we'll always have the same items in stock. Often, many of our statement or larger items are one of a kind or ordered in small quantities and may not necessarily be restocked in the same format. If you find something you connect with, it's best to claim it. You can follow our stock updates on TikTok or Instagram

How do you package your items?

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we do reuse certain packing materials from our suppliers like bubble wrap, peanuts and sizzle. When we do purchase packing materials, we aim for biodegradable and recyclable items to reduce waste. 

Do you edit your photos?

Minimally to enhance the true color, if at all. During the winter, it is much harder to get photos of the products in natural sunlight, so we do use artificial lighting to capture our product photos. Please note that colors translate differently through screens as well. If you ever want more photos or a video of a product, just contact us and we'll happily send you a video. 

 How long is your processing time?

Our processing time is 2-7 business days on average. We do, on average, 1-2 shipping runs every week. We will update the banner at the top of the site if anything changes. Please see our Shipping Policy for more details.