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Blue Rose Quartz Tower

$21.00 CAD

Tumble into love with Blue Rose Quartz. The sweet healing vibrations of these delightful little stone is exactly what you need to bring about your deep inner healing and caring for others while you care for yourself. Perfect for releasing negative energy around the heart, Blue Rose Quartz has purifying properties that cleanse away bad vibes in our environment so we can focus on being healthy from inside out.

Blue Rose Quartz is a rare type of rose quartz that comes from Madagascar and has a beautiful blue-grey color thanks to the inclusion of Girasol in it.

These towers are a great way to display this beautiful crystal. Each tower is priced based on weight, see the information below and please reference the pictures to pick your special piece. 


28A: 109 grams

30B: 120 grams

26C: 100 grams

21D: 78 grams

18E: 68 grams

25F: 97grams

21G: 78 grams

19H: 71 grams

21I: 78 grams