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Carnelian Egg

$19.00 CAD

Looking to jump start your productivity, creativity, and motivation?

Then look no further. Carnelian is a powerful stone known to dispel apathy and motivate for success. It's also great for restoring vitality and promoting positive life choices. Carnelian is great to use with other crystals to attract more of whatever you desire in your life.

 This listing is for one (1) Carnelian Egg.

Please choose your egg based on the description and photos provided. 

A13: 51 grams

B15: 61 grams

C17: 77 grams

D13: 51 grams

E19: 81 grams

F19: 81 grams

G17: 77 grams

H20: 91 grams

I23: 101 grams

J34: 152 grams