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Pink Amethyst Tower

$117.00 CAD

To contrast purple Amethysts abilities to heighten your connection with the spiritual world, Pink Amethyst helps you see more clearly in the real world. At the same time, Pink Amethyst is bursting with feminine energy and is a nurturer and healer - the perfect crystal to meditate with or wear when you need comfort and balance. 

This listing is for one (1) Pink Amethyst Tower. A beautiful statement piece for any home. 

There gorgeous towers are each especially unique, many with druzy pockets, lots of sparkle and gorgeous colouring.

See below for size and weight details:

A: 409g,  approximately 4.5 inches tall. 

B: 366g, approximately 3.5 inches tall. 

C: 563g, approximately 4.5 inches tall (with lots of druzy and green jasper veins)