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Full Moon Ritual Candle

$19.99 CAD

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The moon is bright. The night is dark. 


The time for new beginnings is here. We honor the full moon and The Mother by letting go of what doesn't serve us anymore. 

Set your water by your window to charge under the full moon.


Light your candle during your cleansing bath, while you release, heal and manifest during your ritual or whenever you need to channel the energy of the full moon.

Our Full Moon Soy Ritual Candle is scented with garden sage and rosemary essential oils, features clear quartz, amethyst and aventurine crystals and is dressed with lavender and thyme. 

Photo features our 6.5 oz Full Moon Ritual Candle.


Our 100% soy wax ritual candles are made in small batches and follow the lunar calendar to amplify a specific intention. Our candles are moderately scented to support and guide your intention or ritual, rather than overwhelm your senses. 

Each candle is infused with custom blend of essential oils, natural fragrances and topped with crystals, organic herbal blends and bio glitter for color magick.

Each candle is hand made with care and while we try to keep the aesthetic elements consistent, we do use natural materials to dress your candle, and thus, it may not match one in the photograph exactly. 

IMPORTANT: The herbs, crystals and glitter are dressed over the candle while it's curing and should be fairly embedded, but they may come loose during shipment. Feel free to remove your crystals or herbs before you light the candle. 

If any herbs catches ablaze, please extinguish your candle immediately (however, the quantity and placement of the herbs are intended to avoid such a scenario).

TURN AROUND TIME: As these candles are created in small batches, your candle may take up to two weeks to ship. By purchasing this candle, you agree that your order will take up to two weeks to ship and cannot be canceled before that window is up.