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Labradorite Free Form

$125.00 CAD $155.00 CAD

They say that Labradorite is a symbol of creativity. This beautiful stone with its shifting colors of green, brown, red, purple and gold acts as an inspiration for artists and aspiring creatives alike — especially those who are struggling to find new ideas or speak their own truth. Light reflects beautifully on the changing color spectrum of this mineral while healing properties help bring balance to both physical and spiritual energies.

Our high quality labradorite free forms start at 188g in size. 

Please see below for more details.


D: 188g, approximately 2.5 inches tall 

E: 220g, approximately 3.5 inches tall 

F: 417g, approximately 3.5 inches tall 

G: 505g, approximately 3.5 inches tall