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Natural Citrine Towers (Small)

$15.00 CAD

Natural, unheated and untreated Citrine is a powerful stone. It’s acts as a powerful cleanser and regenerator, and harnesses the power of the sun. A stone of abundance, Citrine can be used for attracting wealth and prosperity.

It does this by activating motivation, creativity and self expression, while banishing negativity.  

This listing is for one (1) piece of high quality, natural, small Citrine towers. Our Citrine comes from Brazil and is not treated in anyway. As natural Citrine is rare, it can get very expensive, hence the higher price tag compared to heat-treated Amethyst (the yellow citrine that you usually see on the market). 

The Mini towers vary in size but are on average 1 inch tall. These towers will be intuitively chosen for you.