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Rose Calcite Tower

$59.00 CAD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Calcites are a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energy.  Rose Calcite is the stone of gentle, constant energy. It opens doors for us to new opportunities in our personal journeys, helping reconcile change and see the blessings in our lives.

Working with Rose Calcite offers us insight into ourselves, our past and future. A beautiful gemstone that helps us channel communication between the mind and heart enabling them to better work together so we can find inner peace during these times of uncertainty. 

This listing is for one (1) Rose Calcite Tower. 

Please see details below to choose your tower.

RCT59: 319 grams, 4 inches

RCT57: 309 grams 4.5 inches

RCT45: 240 grams, 4 inches

RCT30: 161 grams, 3.25 inches