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Scoop of Moon Dust Mini Carving Mix

$75.00 CAD

Love tiny carvings as much as I do? You're going to love my new Moon Dust mini carving mix. 

Unlike our Lunar Mix. this mix contains almost no tumbles - just a minimal base of clear quartz crystals and chips.

The mix is 95% mini spheres, mini carvings, small carvings and more. This mix features a lot of the same minis I stock in the shop at below my retail value.

You can purchase a 1/4 cup (minimum 3 oz scoop) for $75 CAD (estimated value is $110 based on example scoops I did)

or a 1.5 oz scoop for $45 (estimated value $55+)

I will guarantee your scoop will exceed the purchased value.

By purchasing a scoop, you acknowledge that what you receive is a mystery and not eligible for refunds or exchanges. You also acknowledge you may receive crystals that are powerful but contain very minor imperfections. 

The feature photo is just an example of what you may receive and does not depict what will come in your mix. 

A maximum of two scoops may be added to each order. Moon Dust Mix scoops are excluded from our restock sales.