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Zebra Calcite Tower

$40.00 CAD

Stimulate your spiritual side with Zebra Calcite, a stone of motivation, prosperity, and power. 

This physical healing stone also assists in personal will and peace of mind. Anxiety relief and overcoming stress are some added benefits of this insightful stone. 

Our Zebra Calcite includes natural bands of orange calcite. 

This listing is for one (1) Zebra Calcite Tower

The towers vary in size and weight, please see the list below for more details. 

ZC50: 271 grams, 5 inches

ZC40: 211 grams, 4.5 inches

ZC37: 196 grams, 4.5 inches

ZC33: 177 grams, 4 inches 

ZC25: 128 grams, 3.5 inches 

ZC28: 143 grams, 4.5 inches